I Found My Apartment Easily

I know a lot of people care about the outdoor amenities for the apartment that they want to live in. It really did not matter to me though. I just cared about what the inside of the apartment looked like, because I knew I would never use the swimming pool or fitness center at a complex. That is why when I started looking at one bedroom apartments for rent in North Las Vegas, I was only focused on the floor plans and features that the different apartments offer for the tenants who live there.

I looked at quite a few apartments before I found the one that I really liked a lot. Thankfully, all of my searching was done online, so I did not waste a lot of time by looking at the different apartment complexes. It was when I looked at Tribeca North, which is just a few minutes from downtown, that I knew I had found the one that I wanted to live at. The grounds are kept very nice, and there are some amenities that I knew most people would appreciate, but it was the interior of the apartment that made me smile.

It is just a one room apartment, but the layout could not be more perfect for me. Let me start by saying that the apartment has its own laundry room, which is such a blessing. When I first walk in the door, I am in the living room. Going to the left takes me to the dining room, and the kitchen is to the left of that. If you make a right, it takes you to my bedroom and bathroom. The closet in my bedroom is so large that I think I’ll need to buy more clothes just to fill it up! This really is the perfect place for someone like me, and I am so glad that it was easy to find online!