Michelangelo s david

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Under the direction of Franca Falleti, senior restorers Monica Eichmann and Cinzia Parnigoni undertook the job of restoring the statue. In , the city government of Florence commissioned Michelangelo to create the piece as part of a series of statues meant to adorn the roofline of Florence's cathedral dome. David and Goliath thus confront each other, Goliath with his armor and shield, David armed only with his rock, his sling, his faith in God and his courage.

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This is typified in David , as the figure stands with one leg holding its full weight and the other leg forward. Agostino di Duccio gave up on a project using the block, after which it sat untouched for 10 years. In , a mentally disturbed artist named Piero Cannata attacked the statue with a hammer he had concealed beneath his jacket; [13] in the process of damaging the toes of the left foot, he was restrained.

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