Black ops guns real

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Because Black Ops takes place from to , it would be slightly more accurate to see the M26 hand grenade instead of the M67, as it did not come into common use in the U. The semi-automatic High Standard Model 10 Type B is the last shotgun unlocked in the multiplayer being the "Classified" weapon of the class, it requires purchasing the other three , holds 4 shells and can be dual wielded; in zombie mode it holds 6 shells.

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How such an old and unusual shotgun made its way into a Siberian prison camp is unexplained, made worse by the fact that it had been out of production for 40 years and no common commercial reproductions would be made until the s. The designers appear to have confused it with the Soviet F A Stoner 63 in its assault rifle configuration is unlocked as the last light machine gun in Multiplayer.

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